Price list

Price list

Directors Senior Stylist Stylist
Cut & Blow Dry £44.50 - £43.00 £39.00 £36.50
Blow Dry £24.50 £24.50 £22.50
Restyle £61.50 £52.50 £45.50
Men Cut & Blow Dry £26.50 £25.50 £23.50
Women's Wet Cut £38.50 £33.50 £30.50
Hair Extension Blow Dry £30.00    
Child 0-10 Spray & Cut £12.50 £10.00 £8.50
Child 0-10 Wash & Cut £16.00 £15.00 £12.50
10-14 Wash & Cut £18.50 £15.50 £13.50
Girls Wash Cut & Blow Dry £31.50 £27.50 £19.00
All Colours & Perms are Exclusive of Cut & Blow Dry Specialised Perming e.g. Spirals by Quotation
Perming Short £51.50 £51.50 £51.50
Perming Medium £57.50 £57.50 £57.50
Perming Long £70.50 £70.50 £70.50
Foils Parting Only £42.50 £42.50 £42.50
Foils Parting and Sides Only £51.00 £51.00 £51.00
Foils Short £56.00 £56.00 £56.00
Foils Medium £62.00 £62.00 £62.00
Foils Long £75.50 £75.50 £75.50
Baleage dip dye from from £51.50 from £51.50 from £51.50
Root tint £42.50 £42.50 £42.50
Root tint & ends £48.50 £48.50 £48.50
Root tint & foils from £47.50 from £47.50 from £47.50
Wedding Hair Up at home £131.00 per hour    
Hair Up ½ Hour £28.00    
1 Hour £51.00    
Set + 1 Hour £61.00    
Specialised hair treatment with shiatsu massage & massage chair... £18.50

Olaplex with Pro Fibre Treatment... £31.00

Smartbond... £11.00 Smartbond & Toner... £20.00/£25.00

Botanéa (100% vegan/plant-based hair colour)... £47.50
ENVIR0N FACIALS. Here at Emma Turvey beauty we are passionate about helping you achieve your "dream skin". Environ is an amazing and effective treatment to help achieve this. A true Environ facial uses sound waves and small electrical pulses to drive the chosen serums deep into the lower levels of the skin. We stock all the Environ products and are happy to advise the best treatment plan for you
ACTIVE VITAMIN FACIAL- Vitamins a and c nourish and repair, this will leave your skin looking radiant and dewy.
1 Hour - £50.50
1.5 Hour - £70.50
HYDRA BOOST FACIAL- This intensive treatment hydrates , plumps and firms the skin
1 Hour - £50
1.5 Hour - £70
FOCUS FROWN TREATMENT- Using highly effective peptides to target frown lines
45 Mins - £45
COLLAGEN POWER FACIAL- This peptide packed facial helps to boost collagen, soften fine lines and tighten the skin improving texture and repairing sun damage
1 Hour - £55
1.5 Hour - £75
PURIFYING TREATMENT- This amazing treatments is created to purify ,micro exfoliate and heal It assists with the treatment of acne ,scarring and deep skin congestionWith all Environ facials you see results from the first treatment , Courses of 6 or more may be advised and maintenance for long term results
30 Mins - £45
MONU SPA FACIALS- Our skin care products are designed to bring out the best in you, using the best of natureWith pure natural ingredients from plants, herbs, minerals and essential oilsWith over 30 yrs experience our products use some of the most advanced and intelligent actives to ensure the best results for youThese beautiful products are cruelty free
MINI FACIAL- Includes cleanse,exfoliate, tone ,mask and moisturise ,all skin types
30 Mins - £19
REGULAR FACIAL- ideal when aromatherapy oils cant be used ,includes face, neck and shoulder massage
1 Hour - £31
AROMATHERAPY FACIAL- Indulgent facial as the oils are made up for you, all skin types
1 Hour - £32
75 Mins - £37
DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL- Using specially formulated products to help clear congested skins and reduce scaring. includes steam and extraction
75 Mins - £38
CASMARA BEAUTY MASK FACIAL- Indulgent facial with a highly effective perscrition mask selected to treat acne , sensitive or dehydrated skins Includes face ,neck and shoulder massage
1 Hour - £38
RENU ANTI AGEING FACIALS- Targeted skincare for amazing results , to repair ,brighten, hydrate and plump the skin
LUXURY ANTI AGEING FACIAL- This facial is bliss it stimulates and repairs dry , tired skins Your skin will sparkle
55 Mins - £41
VIBRODERM FACIALS- Electrical facial for gentle microdermabrasion and deep tissue massage to reveal a more glowing ,softer and youthful skin
30 Mins Face and neck £23
45 MinsFace ,neck and décolleté £28
1 HourFace , neck and décolleté and massage £33
MINI MICRO FACIALS- An electrical current lifts sagging muscles and tightens the skin on the face and neck . Amazing results A courses of 10 is recommended. Fabulous for drooping eye lids and sagging jawline
1 treatment1 Hour - £41
Course of 11 recommended£445 + 1 free
MALE FACIALS- Includes a back massage to start
DEEP CLEAN with hot towel compress
1 Hour - £32
ANTI AGEING using anti ageing oils
1 Hour - £32
LVL LASH LIFT- Includes free eyelash tint ,a patch test is requiredEnhance the natural beauty of your eyelashes with LVL lashes. Lifts and lengthens your natural lashes no need for mascara
NOUVEAU LASH EXTENTIONS FULL SET- These stunning lightweight lashes look and feel amazing
INFILS- To be done fortnightly
MY BROWS EYEBROW TREATMENT- Includes tinting ,waxing ,tweezing and eyebrow makeup tutorial and application
30 Mins - £22
Eye brow shape/wax
Eyebrow tint
Eyebrow tint and wax
Eyelash tint
Eyelash and brow tint with eyebrow wax/shape
A 24hr patch test is required for all tint and lash enhancements
ANTI AGEING EYE TREATMENT- Using micro current and massage to tighten and reduce fine lines and puffiness , a must for a party !
30 Mins - £20.50
FILE AND POLISH- Includes shaping ,opi base coat, 2 coats of colour and fast dry top coat
15 Mins - £10.50
MINI MANICURE- Shaping, cuticle work and opi varnish
30 Mins - £16.50
FULL MANICURE- Shaping ,cuticle work , gorgeous hand and arm massage and opi varnish
45 Mins - £21
PARAFFIN WAX MANICURE- Paraffin wax has amazing hydrating qualitiies to soften and condition dry or chapped skinAlso sooths sore joints and arthritisshaping ,cuticle work ,wax treatment ,massage and opi varnish a must for hard working hands
1 Hour - £27
MINI PEDICURE- Soak in our amazing foot spa , hard skin is removed , shaping of toe nails and opi varnish
30 Mins - £17.50
FULL PEDICURE- Soak , cut and shaping of nails , hard skin removal , scrub , amazing foot and leg massage and opi varnish
1 Hour - £28.50
PARRAFIN WAX PEDICURE- Full pedicure with paraffin wax treatment. Your feet will be submerged in our gorgeously warm wax bath and your feet will feel like new. A must for dry, aching feet
75 Mins - £35
FOOT SOAK AND PARAFFIN WAX TREATMENT- Great for inbetween pedicures to keep your feet in tip top condition
30 Mins - £17
30 Mins - £15.50
GEL NAILS lasts 2/3 weeks
45 Mins
15 Mins - £6.50
WAXINGWe use lavender cream wax which is great for sensitive skins
Eye Brows
Lip and Chin
1/2 leg
3/4 leg
Full Leg
Full Leg and Bikini Line
Full Leg/Bl/Uarm
Underarm or bikini line [just sides]
High leg bikini/Brazillian
1/2 arm
Full arm
Back or chest from
from £18.50
SIENNA X SPRAY TANS Full body - We have a spray tan room for your privacy and comfort
BODY MASSAGES- Our treatment rooms are warm , cosy and restful so let us spoil you
SWEDISH- Vigorous/deep tissue great for getting rid of knots or for a detox
Back and shoulder
25 Mins - £21
Full body
70 Mins - £37
90 Mins - £43
AROMATHERAPY- Indulgent massage , special oils are selected to take away your cares
Back and shoulder
25 Mins - £22
40 Mins - £25
55 Mins - £31
Full body
90 Mins - £46
Leg massage ,great for celulite and fluid retention
45 Mins - £24.50
AROMATHERAPY BLISS- Includes facial and full body massage
2 Hours - £59
HOPI EAR CANDELING- This treatment has many marked benefits for problems and conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat. Deeply relaxing, calming and soothing experience. Includes face massage
45 Mins - £26.50
REFLEXOLOGY- This treatments helps to rebalance the body and mind through your feet The reflex areas of the feet are treated using a slow moving presure which feels like pure bliss
1 Hour - £28
RAHANNI- Celestial energy healing promotes stress relief and calmness , reducing negitive energy
REIKIJ- apanese technique for stress relief and promotes healing ,induces relaxation and peace
45 Mins - £26
BRIDAL MAKEUP- Includes 1 hour trial and makeup on the dayWe love doing brides its a real honour to help make you sparkle
90 Mins - £55
MAKE UP LESSON- Not confident with makeup? we can help you out. We use jane iredale make up the skin care make up. This pure mineral makeup uses the highest quality ingredients, is hypo allergenic , wont block your pores and has a high spfIts a joy to use as a therapist i love it , it delivers stunning results ,has amazing colour pigments and is extremely good for your skin containing, vitamins, anti oxidents and moisturisers
75 Mins - £40.50
15 Mins - £9.50
45 Mins - £24.50
This treatment softens and cleanses your skin , ideal before a holiday or a spray tan
BACK CLEANSING TREATMENT- This includes a scub ,mask and massage to treat scaring and blemishes
45 Mins - £24.50
BODY WRAPPING- Monu spa body wrap helps to eliminate and compress cellulite, eliminating excess water and toxins for smoother skin and inch loss
Half body
90 Mins - £40.50
Full body
90 Mins - £45.50
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