All our stylists are very experienced in all aspects of hairdressing including wedding packages either in the salon or at home. If you are a new client and wish to have a colour then come and collect a colour start skin test, just to check for allergies.

ColourstartColourstart is an allergy indicator in the form of a temporary transfer.

The transfer identifies those individuals who may be allergic to PPD, the chemical found in permanent hair dye.

Colourstart is the only practical solution to sensitivity testing.

The tests are individually air sealed with full instructions of use and have been designed for safe and easy postage so clients can apply the tests at home 48 hours before treatment, as required by manufacturers.

Having Colourstart on your arm at the time of your appointment, we have proof that you have conducted the test. It can then be removed, using normal domestic sticky tape and assessed by the operator. If there has been any sign of reaction, the colour treatment should not be conducted.

Above all, Colourstart is a tangible way of proving a sense of responsibility to our clients and staff.


Tape Extensions 

Please call into the salon to find out the prices and book a consultation.



100% Herbal Professional Hair Colour composed of 3 herbal ingrediants. When mixed with hot water, these 3 powders enable colorists to create an infinite palette of shades and tailor them to each client. 

Blends white hair for a natural result: no lift, multi-dimensional effect. Long-lasting durable haircolour. 

Henna: Its leaves release warm copper dyes ideal for preparing blonde, copper or brown shades.

Cassia: Grown in several regions of India, it was selected by L'Oreal. Research to be used by colourists as an adjuster and luminizer.

Indigo: Its leaves contain dyes that deliver colour results varying from blue to purple, ideal for brown and dark bases, in combintation with henna.